Council's consultation on communal recycling

Photo:Example of a communal recycling bin

Example of a communal recycling bin

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Photo:Do you want two of these outside your front window?

Do you want two of these outside your front window?

Photo:Somewhere to get rid of unwanted furniture

Somewhere to get rid of unwanted furniture

Photo:A missing lid and several plastic bags

A missing lid and several plastic bags

What do you think?

By Peter Crowhurst, NLCA Chair

By now hopefully you have all returned your questionnaires asking you what you think of the Council's proposals to locate new bins for recycling alongside the refuse bins. Residents I have spoken to have huge concerns about the proposed locations. There seems to be support for a scheme which improves recycling rates and costs less, and even for communal recycling, but the Council has got to get the locations right.

Piloted in Brunswick

There had been a pilot scheme in Brunswick, which was apparently welcomed by local residents there, but houses in Brunswick are set back from the pavement. They do not have houses which are just feet away from a bin. I think it is entirely inappropriate to have bins near people's homes. The bins attract graffiti and fly-tipping as well as people just leaving their rubbish on the street because they cannot reach up to open the lids. The recycling bins in Brunswick are already being misused and vandalised. The bins are an eyesore!

Too many bins?

Too many bins on our narrow streets will have a negative impact on the character of the area. We are a Conservation Area and a proliferation of bins does not add to the quality of our townscape.

Recycling points should not be in residential streets

The Council needs to look at creating recycling points which are off residential streets and encourage North Laine residents to take their recycling to those points.

Loss of character and increased noise?

Any improvement in recycling rates and the reduced cost of recycling collection does not justify the loss of character to the area caused by having more bins on the streets and any increase in noise to local residents.

Your views

What do you think?

This page was added on 23/05/2013.

In Over Street we already have two black bins, one which is placed right outside somebody's front door, we do not need further recycling bins in our Street. We find on a daily basis we are having to clear up dumped bags as people cannot be bothered to open a bin lid and put them inside.  Add the constant fly tipping of household goods that are dumped and we have a major problem. Residents from other Streets who do not want a black bin in their own Street seem perfectly happy to dump rubbish and fly tip all sorts of household furniture (from Fridge Freezers to arm chairs, beds etc.on an almost daily basis) in our Street without a backward glance. Residents of Over Street are fed up with this, how can this be right? its definitely a "not in our back yard mentality" going on here.

I feel if recycling bins are going to happen then they should be placed in the Roads that do NOT have black bins already, maybe then they will start to consider the MAJOR problems that roads with bins are having and start being a little bit more courteous to us all. Every person I have personally caught dumping have all lived in other streets and this needs to please stop. I am appalled at the laziness of people not to open a bin lid or happily fly tip unwanted household items and then walk away. If we are made to have the planned recycling bin also then our problem is going to be doubled, we all know that some people are going to dump the recycling around the bin and not inside. We have even caught people carrying bags of recycling to dump in recycling boxes left outside houses in our Street rather than them fill the boxes they have.

We need ALL the Streets to have Black rubbish bins as its the only way to STOP daily fly tipping and rubbish bag dumping in our Street, we are now very fed up of cleaning up your rubbish.

By Linda
On 17/06/2013

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