June 2016 meeting minutes

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By Adrian Carlton-Oatley

Minutes of a North Laine Community Association meeting held on 21st June 2016


Twenty-four members attended. Apologies were received from Louis Blache, Henry Bruce, Christine Clark-Lowes, Mitch Egan, Jackie Fuller, Ruth Goodall, Anne Johnson, Julie Paling, Chris Paling, Tim Read, Michael Remington and Kathy Spencer,.



The Minutes of the last meeting were approved. There were no matters arising that would not be covered later in the agenda.



The Management Committee had taken over from the Book Group the responsibility for dealing with the publisher of the North Laine Book now the editorial work was complete and the book was in production. More information would be included in Peter Crowhurst's presentation at the end of the meeting.



The NLCA had £4,000 in the bank, of which £1,800 represents advance payments for advertising in the Runner. The Runner was likely to break even this year but not to make a surplus.

It was important to regain momentum in the Friends' scheme. Window stickers were being produced for local traders to put in their windows to show they were 'Friends of the North Laine' and to encourage visitors to sign up. We were looking for someone to work with the traders on this (and indeed to canvas for advertising for the Runner). The aim was to raise the number of Friends to around the 200 mark.

In the long term, we were also looking at the matter of sponsorship. We are at present financially sound but we do need to work at keeping the level of income up.



Kim Curran reported on behalf of Kathy Spencer that there had been a very successful and convivial Big Lunch street party in Tidy St to which residents in other street also came. The Mayor of Brighton and Hove (Cllr P West) was present. Congratulations were due to Sara Bragg for getting this off the ground and organising it so successfully.

The NLCA will be taking part in the Pavilion Gardens open day on Saturday 23rd July with a table with information about the NLCA including Friends' leaflets, also possibly a tombola and cake sale for NLCA funds. We would be looking for residents to join the rota to man this.

The NLCA 40th Anniversary picnic would be held in Pelham Square gardens on Sunday 11th September between 2.30 and 5.30 pm. Residents would be invited to bring and share picnics and drinks and it was hoped to organise some acoustic music.



There was going to be a meeting of LAT Chairs on 29th June which would not be chaired by BHCC representative but by John Cook, the Chair of Patcham LAT. The hope was that this would allow the LATs to discuss matters that were of concern to them rather than following a council-led agenda.



There were no applications of significance pending.

Jonathan Bromberg reported on a meeting with officials at City College. Nick Juba of City College is producing an article for the Runner in which he has been asked to give details of the constitution and plans for the new vision of the College. There are plans to apply for funds for developments: it is not clear to what this refers, though it could be low-level housing on the car park site. Jonathan felt it was not always clear who is speaking for City College. Mention has been made of plans to refurbish the tower building, though a significant point of the previous application was that the tower was not capable of being renovated.

Cllr Lizzie Deane reported that Diplock's Yard was once again applying for permission to build. She needed five letters of objection for it to come before the Planning Committee, so she urged residents to write before 30th June. Letters to the Planning Committee were now published on the website, so it was possible to read these to get a clear idea of what is being proposed and how to frame an objection.

It was reported that the Pavilion Café's lease was again under threat.



There were no new applications to report. The Curry Leaf kiosk at Brighton Station had been given a licence, but under such strict conditions and with the very thorough supervision of the Station and Police that this was regarded as acceptable.



Parking – Sandy Crowhurst reported that the Management Committee was looking at the possibility of making a proposal to the Council for more residents' parking spaces in North Laine. Julia Wilde and Anna Clarke had surveyed the streets of North Laine to identify every possible site for new parking spaces (obviously not all of these would be feasible). Detailed work would be done on this by the Environmental Sub-Committee and proposals brought before the Residents' Meeting before a petition was presented to the Council.

Roy Skam observed that there was frequently someone sitting soliciting alms where the Queen's Road pavement narrows just north of Tesco. The objection was not so much to the begging as to the obstruction, and Roy wondered what could be done about this. Cllr Deane suggested that it could be taken up with Richard Siggs of the Police or referred to the Community Safety Team [NB Tim Read from the Community Safety Casework Team is due to attend the July meeting to address residents' concerns - Sec.].



Geoff Mead announced there would be a Sussex Industrial Archaeology walk the following evening at 7 pm, and a walk round Patcham on Sunday 1st July.

Heritage Open Days this year were 9th-11th September, in which a number of interesting places would be open free of charge, and there was information to be found on the Internet or at the Library. There would also be two history walks led by Peter Crowhurst.



Peter explained that for some five years members of the NLCA have been collecting and arranging material about the history of the area, and the resulting book – The North Laine Book – has now been sent to the publisher. This will fill a gap in the literature about Brighton and Hove, as there has been no book specifically on this part of the city before.

The book consists of four chapters about the history of the area, followed by five chapters covering themes such as home life, education, entertainment and trade in North Laine. Each chapter includes an informative introduction and reminiscences by people resident here, and is copiously illustrated with pictures, photographs and ephemera of the period.

Peter showed a number of the illustrations that are going into the book, some of which come from private sources and are not well known.

The launch of The North Laine Book will take place on 15th September in Brighthelm, at which copies will be made available at a special discounted price of £10.00.


The Chair thanked Peter for a most informative and interesting presentation and the Meeting ended at 9.50 pm.


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