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Talk to the NLCA on 20th September 2016

Kelvin MacDonald, a former NLCA secretary and now a planning consultant and senior Government advisor, had some advice on how North Laine should face the future when he gave a talk to the September 2016 community meeting.

What makes North Laine special?

He asked the audience what makes the area special – and top of the list were people, community spirit, shops, heritage, its small scale, its quirkiness and being in the heart of the city. 

Kelvin, said that these are the qualities we need to maintain.

How to make our own future?

Ways to make our own future include coming up with ideas to involve local people in projects, community ownership and aiming to improve disused or rundown areas. 

Even planting trees, encouraging local businesses to be carbon neutral, community tidy-up schemes and farmers’ markets all add to progress in an area. We must look at communities like an organism, protecting small scale enterprise and encouraging affordable housing. 

“There are ways of intervening in the future by making small-scale changes. We should celebrate what we have – what we love about the area. We need to address the future with inspiration, with loads of quirky shared ideas.” 

Need to strengthen local enhancement plans

The Council’s city plan includes policies on mixed development which chime with our aims, and we must strengthen neighbourhood and local enhancement plans.

He took a lead in the 1970s

Kelvin took the lead on planning matters for residents when the area was blighted in the1970s and worked tirelessly to have North Laine designated as a conservation area, with the then Council Planning Officer Ken Fines.


[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 242, September/October 2016]

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