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1445/3/2018/00132 99 Trafalgar Street 9/02/18 Sale of Alcohol 8am - 6pm every day
To view the list of current applications by establishments for variations or new licences, please follow the link to the Council website:

If you wish to make a comment about a variation you may do so by writing to:

Head of Planning & Public Protection
Health and Safety, and Licensing
Bartholomew House
Bartholomew Square

Needing support from the NLCA?

If you would like support in making a comment, you are welcome to contact Roy Skam, NLCA Licensing Coordinator (tel 326415) or Sandy Crowhurst, NLCA Licensing Coordinator (tel 681089).  Objections need to be on grounds of meeting the licensing objectives and to come from people who live in the immediate vicinity.

The licensing objectives are: prevention of crime and disorder; public safety; the prevention of public nuisance; and the protection of children from harm.

You have the right to make a personal appearance at the Licensing Panel Hearing but you will need to have made a written objection within the 28 days from publication of the application. The Licensing Department will pass your comments on to the applicant to give a chance for a resolution to be agreed. If this does not happen, then the Council will invite you to make a personal appearance at a hearing. Your local councillor will be willing to speak for you as long as you let him/her know in good time. The NLCA Licensing Coordinators will also support you at a hearing if you wish. However, you do not have to appear and your comments will still be considered even if you do not appear personally.

Please feel free to make a comment below on any application affecting the North Laine.

This page was added on 20/03/2008.

Thorne's achohol and entertainment licence: I can only reiterate my concerns raised to the planning committee re the effect on the quiet weekday evenings/Sundays residential nature of the street, and the disturbance from customers and traffic, which I am concerned the proposed licensing applications will only intensify.

By Barbara Davenport
On 06/06/2011

Have just picked up Alison Flood's email 6/6/11 re the unrestricted licensing implications and would be very concerned if this would occur, both for the proposed venue and particularly for any future change/extension of use of the premises that such licensing would allow. I take her point about outside smoking which, apart from litter, is another point re the increased noise issue.

By Barbara Davenport
On 10/06/2011

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