2016 AGM

Draft minutes of AGM held on April 19th,

1. A total of 26 members attended. Apologies from Henry Bruce, Christine Clark-Lowes, Peter Fuller, Jane Griffiths, Geoffrey Mead, Tim Read, Cllr Pete West.

 2. Minutes of the 2015 AGM

Approved. There were no matters arising.


3. Adoption of officers’ and coordinators’ reportsThe report of the chair, vice chair and secretary, and that of the treasurer, were considered together with those of the co-ordinators (planning and environment, licensing, social and newsletter) and adopted. Proposed by Ruth Goodall, seconded by Sandy Crowhurst, carried nem con.

 4. Adoption of reports from NLCA representatives on other organisations

The reports from NLCA representatives at the Brighton Society, City in Bloom and Commemorative Plaques Panel were considered and adopted. Proposed by Kim Curran, seconded by Louis Blache, carried nem com.

 5. Election of officers and management committee

With seven nominations for the seven elected posts, it was agreed to elect these en bloc. Proposed by Sandy Crowhurst, seconded by Roy Skam, carried nem con.

 6. Ratification of co-ordinators, street representatives and NLCA representatives on other groups

These were ratified en bloc with the exception of the NLCA representative on the Commemorative Plaques Panel, which remains vacant. Proposed by Kathy Spencer, seconded by Jackie Fuller, carried nem con.

 7. Any other business

No formal motions had been advised. Kevin Daly had two complimentary tickets for a show which he would pass on to anyone who wanted them. Kathy Spencer announced there would be an NLCA comedy night at Komedia in November. Kim Curran proposed a vote of thanks to Jackie Fuller who was giving up editing the North Laine Runner later in the year after 40 years at the helm. Not only was this an extraordinary length of time for one person to carry the burden, but also the high standard and quality of the Runner was entirely due to Jackie’s hard work and expertise. The vote of thanks was carried nem con.

 8. Talk

The meeting was followed by an illustrated talk on the James Gray photographic collection by David Fisher.


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