October 2016 meeting minutes

By Peter Crowhurst

Minutes of a North Laine Community Association meeting held on 18th October 2016

Twenty-five members attended. Apologies were received from: Henry Bruce, Christine Clark-Lowes, Brian and Bobbie Cheesman, Peter Crowhurst, Sarah Dunsmure, Mitch Egan, Terry Etherton, Peter Fuller, Tim Read, Jonathan Ridley, Roy Skam, Lyn Turpin, Gabrielle Villermet.

The Minutes were approved after amendment. There were no matters arising.

The chair noted that this would be the last meeting at which the current Secretary, Adrian Carlton-Oatley, would be present before leaving the area. Julia Wilde had kindly agreed to stand as Acting Secretary in his place, and the meeting was asked to approve this. The motion was proposed by Kim Curran, seconded by Ruth Goodall, and carried nem. con.

A meeting had been held to discuss updating website provision for NLCA. The suggestion had been made that we should have two websites in order both to avoid the necessity of transferring a large archive and to enjoy a website address that actually included the words 'North Laine' or 'North Laine Brighton'. There would be a further meeting about this in November and input would be welcome from anyone interested.

The Chair had visited the NLCA allotment at Stanmer Park and seen the team in action. The allotment had been going for more than twenty years and was well work a visit. New volunteers were always welcome.

The hire contract with Brighthelm was coming up for review. The monthly hire of the room for NLCA meetings had been affordable through a combination of discount and a grant from Brighthelm. It was hoped that we would be able to continue to enjoy the same favourable terms, subject to a slight inflation, but in case the price was not comfortably within our budget, the Chair asked if it would be acceptable to hire the smaller Stanmer Room at a lower rate. There was general agreement to this.

Future speakers at NLCA meetings included Colin Granger from Komedia in November and a representative from St Mungo's in January. It was hoped to engage Ian Gledhill and Geoff Mead for meetings in the early part of 2017.

A consultation was taking place concerning the future of parks and open spaces in Brighton and Hove. As this is of concern to everyone living in Brighton, members were urged to respond. The closing date was 28th October.


The East Sussex Fire Authority was also holding a consultation. There were proposals to combine the Fire Service with other emergency services under the overall authority of the Police and Crime Commissioner. http://www.esfrs.org/irmp

As the Treasurer was unable to attend, his report was read by the Chair:

There was currently £6222 in the bank, of which rather more than £2500 represented pre-payment for advertising. We were still looking for someone to take on the task of encouraging local businesses to advertise in the Runner.

The Friends' Scheme continued to bring in donations each month and we were looking at ways to encourage more supporters. There is a sum due from HMRC in respect of Gift Aid from subscriptions.

Thanks to Raining Books and Brighton Books we have received commission on the sale of the North Laine Book of £230.31 for September sales, and since the start of October will provide a further £103.40 commission.

Tickets for the NLCA Comedy Night at Komedia on 8th November were now available at Raining Books. There had been a change of headliner due to illness: the new headliner would be Hannah Brackenbury. There would shortly be an appeal for raffle prizes for the event.

The December NLCA meeting will include a Christmas Social, which will be the last special event of the 40th Anniversary Year. Any suggestions as to how to give it an appropriate theme would be very welcome

Graffiti After considerable dogged effort on the part of Chris Hayes and others, all the graffiti on the north face of the Post Office building had at last been removed and the walls re-painted. CCTV cameras had been installed.

At a recent LAT Chairs' meeting the situation regarding the Police's non-attendance was discussed. It was felt that without regular Police attendance the LATs lost much of their purpose and the Queens Park LAT has already disbanded for this very reason.

The East Brunswick Residents Association had approached the NLCA Chair and suggested working together to deal with issues of anti-social behaviour.

City College had launched a consultation on its proposed merger with Northbrook College.
A letter would be going out from the Chair to the City College CEO, Nick Juba, asking for clarification on various issues.
An application was in for the site between Station St, Blackman St and Cheapside that had previously had an application from Bellerby's. The new application was for a seven storey office building with basement and associated car and cycle parking.

MAKE Café on the corner of North Road and Foundry St had applied for an alcohol licence as a café-bar from 5 pm to 10 pm Thursday to Saturday. The Police had withdrawn objections as this now falls within the Licensing matrix.
Unit One, 13-16 Vine Street (the Market) had made an application for an alcohol licence from 9 am to 11 pm daily.
NLCA would be objecting to both applications.


Proposed Bike Hubs:
The council were proposing to set up a scheme of public bicycles along the lines of the 'Boris bikes' scheme in London. A site near the turning into Whitecross St had been marked for one of the bike 'hubs'. The NLCA planning co-ordinators Sandy Crowhurst and Barry Leigh had, with Jonathan Bromberg, met the two council officials in charge of selecting sites. We regard the Whitecross St site as unsuitable for a variety of reasons: it is close to the entrances to both the City College and Trafalgar St car parks; the turning is often blocked by very large delivery vehicles which have nowhere else to go while making deliveries to local businesses; it would involve removing two car parking spaces, which are at a premium in the area. Our suggestion that the Council should consider an alternative site in Station St was rejected out of hand. The NLCA planning co-ordinators would be making a FOI request to discover the criteria that have been used in drawing up the list of proposed sites.

The new edition was now out and the next one would be published in December. Items for inclusion should be sent to Kim Curran.

A vote of thanks to the outgoing Secretary for his hard work during the time he has occupied the post was proposed by Jackie Fuller and seconded by Ruth Goodall, and carried nem. con.






The Community Association meeting was preceded by a



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