North Laine setting for this debut movie

Photo:A still from 'My Accomplice'

A still from 'My Accomplice'

'My Accomplice', directed by Charlie Weaver Rolfe

By Jackie Fuller, North Laine resident

A debut film directed by Charlie Weaver Rolfe called ‘My Accomplice’, which previewed at the Sallis Benney Theatre in December 2013, was shown as part of Brighton's CineCity Festival on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 at the Duke of York’s cinema.

Many scenes filmed in North Laine

The film is set in Brighton and the surrounding area and many of the scenes were filmed in Sydney Street and Trafalgar Street.

An off-beat comedy

It’s an off-beat comedy about falling in love. Frank is a good-natured young Scot who works as a caretaker for adults with special needs. Ilse is a witty, artistically-inclined young woman originally from East Germany who works at a Bulgarian bakery. With a gallery of Brighton eccentrics and real life residents, as well as songs and live performances from local bands Transformer, Bob Wants His Head Back and The Mountain Firework Company, the film has a real local feel to it. North Laine residents would certainly recognise many of the settings.


[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 231, November/December 2014]

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