Please park considerately!

No spaces at end of parking bays

By various North Laine residents

With parking spaces at a premium in the North Laine it is incredibly frustrating when people park inconsiderately.

Some leave a gap at the end of the line

This often happens at the ends of bays where people park leaving a gap of three or four feet from the line. In a bay that would normally allow three standard size vehicles, for instance, this has the effect of one car taking up the space of two – allowing only one other to park.

Allow others to park in front or behind you

It only takes a little thought and a bit of extra time to ensure that if you are parking on the end of a bay you reverse up to the line or move forward to the line. This will allow others to park in front or behind you, and your actions will be much appreciated – even if you don’t receive thanks in person. Your unknown benefactor will not only be grateful, you will also help reduce CO2 emissions as that driver will not have to pollute our streets by driving round and round looking for a space where people have parked more considerately.

So please give this a bit of thought when you next park your car at the end of a bay. Thank you.


[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 238, January/February 2016]


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