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Photo:Kensington Gardens with Council owned property in yellow

Kensington Gardens with Council owned property in yellow

Licensing for A Boards

By Manian Shop Owner

I'm confused as to why the shops in Kensington Gardens do not display licences whilst having their displays taking up so much of the street. 

As a shop owner like others in nearby streets it does seem unfair that most seem to have and display licences.

Are Kensington Gardens' shops exempt from purchasing licences or are others paying for something that is no longer required? 

The attached image shows council owned property in yellow.

Perhaps next time you visit Kensington Gardens just take a minute to see how much council owned property is covered by stalls and A boards etc.

Please feel free to respond with your thoughts.

This page was added on 06/04/2017.

Dear Marian

Thank you for your message. I suggest that you contact the Council's Environmental Services as well as the North Laine Traders Association to help you with this matter.


Sandy Crowhurst

(NLCA Joint Planning & Alcohol Licensing Coordinator)

By Sandy Crowhurst
On 16/04/2017

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