Speeding cars in North Laine

Beloved pet killed

By Lara Read, North Laine trader

Sadly my cat was killed by a speeding car on North Road last month

I have sent the following email to local authorities in the hope that our roads can be made safer and this tragedy does not happen again

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

To whom it may concern

"I am writing regarding the speeding situation in North Road and the surrounding areas.

"The speed limit in North Road is 20 miles per hour but, unless there is traffic forcing the cars to slow down, this limit in not adhered to at all. Sadly, as a result of these dangerous circumstances our beloved cat has been killed by a speeding car that did not even stop.

"The cat lived with me at the Heart and Hand pub and so was part of the community and loved by many – the loss at the moment is unbearable and we are all heartbroken.

"I and many others feel that this could have been prevented if the car had been using the legal speed limit.  Something needs to be done before we have another tragedy on our roads - another beloved pet or maybe a child.

"I have been in the area for many years and I have seen numerous accidents at the junction of North Road and Gardner Street, which is where this recent tragedy happened. The area is highly populated and acts as a bridge between two pedestrian zones (Kensington Gardens and Gardner Street).  On New Year's Eve 1999  my grandfather was hit by a car in the same place.

"Speed bumps would prevent this problem and they would provide a good way of policing the traffic and making our roads safer for all of us

"The installation of speed cameras or more than one speed limit sign in North Road may be a way of slowing the traffic down but it comes with ongoing costs and manpower that can be greatly reduced by speed bumps, as most cars will increase speed as soon as they pass the camera.

"My telephone number is 01273 683320, I look forward to corresponding with you further regarding this matter.

"As you can see I have sent this email to others whom I feel should be made aware of this problem and can maybe help.

"Kind regards

"Miss Lara Read, Licensee/Manager @ The Heart and Hand"

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