Café society, January 2013

Your guide to independent North Laine restaurants and cafés

By Kim Curran, North Laine resident

Welcome to our second annual survey of independent cafés and restaurants in North Laine - see below. We hope you find the information useful and will be tempted to seek out some places you may have missed.

We are lucky to have so many varied places to eat and drink nearby – more than 60 in such a small area.

In tough economic times, it’s good to report there are four new names on the list, six have changed hands or taken on new names, and only two have disappeared completely.

Date of survey and coverage

The information was gathered in January 2013 and we’ve deliberately excluded pubs, national chains such as Starbucks, Wagamama, Carluccio, Pizza Express, and places that are exclusively takeaway. Of course, North Laine pubs are especially strong on food and one of our locals, The Basketmakers, won second place in the Best Food Pub category at the Brighton & Hove Foodie awards 2012. A new pub called The North Laine also opened in 2012 in Gloucester Place.

New in 2012

But among the cafés and restaurants in our survey, it’s good to note the opening of a Greek pie café near the top of Church Street, a smart new cake shop in Bond Street and a Mexican street food restaurant in Gloucester Road.

Reporting any errors

I’ve done my level best to be accurate but I apologise if there are any errors. If there are, I’m sure you’ll let us know by making a comment at the bottom of this listing so that we can correct them in a future edition. I’ve made the entries street by street, in the order you’ll see them as you’re walking along. Bon appetit!


[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 220, January/February 2012]

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TOAST OF BRIGHTON, 38 Trafalgar St (corner of Kemp St). Sandwich & espresso bar. Open Mon-Fri 7.30am-3.30pm. Includes weekly specials, soups, bespoke sandwiches, salads. Small seating area. Opened 2004. Tel 626888,

COFFEE@33, 33 Trafalgar St. Coffee shop with food including sandwiches, cakes and pastries. Open Mon-Fri 7.30-6.00, Sat 9-6, Sun 10-4. Seating area includes coffee sacks and bar stools. Tel 462460.

THE LAINE DELI, 31 Trafalgar St (corner of Kensington Place). Open Mon-Fri 8.30-4, Sat 9.30-3.30. Hot and cold food, coffees, teas and soft drinks including homemade smoothies. Seating inside and out. Free Wi-Fi available. Tel 686665,

CAFFE ALDO, 77 Trafalgar St (corner of Blackman St). Open most days 10am-11pm. Serves traditional Italian food to eat in or take away, specialising in pizza, pasta dishes. Seating inside and out. Opened 2007. Tel 819181,

MANGE TOUT, 81 Trafalgar St. Open Mon-Wed 9-6, Thur-Sat 9-11.30pm, Sun 9-5. Licensed bistro serving classic French dishes. Breakfast, lunch (speciality tartine) and dinner. Seating inside and out. Opened 2009. Third best café in Brighton & Hove Foodie Awards 2012. Tel 607270.

BREAD & MILK, 82 Trafalgar St (corner of Whitecross St), Mon-Fri 7.30-3, Sat 8-6, Sun 9-5. NEW café serving salads, sandwiches, healthy lunches, coffee and cakes. Tel 674432.

SOUP-URB, 87-88 Trafalgar St (corner of Whitecross St, formerly Nia). Open Sun-Thur 8.30-5, Fri-Sat 8.30-6. NEW licensed urban food café emphasising local seasonal produce. Seating inside and out. All day brunch, soups, salads, sandwiches, smoothies and juices. Tel 671371,

KITCHEN CAFÉ, 93 Trafalgar St. Open Mon-Fri 11-2, Sat all day. British café including wide range of breakfasts, homemade pies. Tel 674672

B&R, 97 Trafalgar Street. Open Mon-Sat 10-5. NEW tea and coffee shop, specialising in loose leaf tea and homemade cakes. Tel 600763.

BREEZE BRASSERIE, 98 Trafalgar St. Open daily 9.30-late. Licensed, varied European cuisine. Tel 693377,

ZAITOON, 8 Trafalgar St. Open Mon-Sat 9-8, Sun 10-5. A taste of the Middle East. Arabic wraps, pastries, sweets, salads, breakfasts, lunches. Seating inside and out. Tel 611423.

REDWOOD COFFEE HOUSE, 97-99 Trafalgar St. Open Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 9-6, Sun 9-5. Fairtrade and organic coffees plus breakfasts, light lunches, sandwiches and cakes. Tel 278647,

CAFÉ MOTU, 6 Trafalgar St. Open Mon-Fri 9-3.30, Sat 9-4.30, Sun 9.30-3. Includes breakfasts, brunch, sandwiches, coffee and tea. 60s rock posters. Tel 709655.

LUCKY STAR Chinese restaurant, 101 Trafalgar St. Licenced all-you-can-eat buffet.  Tel 687064.

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E-KAGEN SUSHI AND NOODLE COFFEE BAR, 22-23 Sydney St. Open Tues-Wed 11.30-4, Thur-Fri 11.30-3.30, 6.30-10, Sat 11.30-4, 6.30-10, Sun 12-4. Japanese food including sushi, noodle soups. Tel 687068,

DUMB WAITER, 28 Sydney St. Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat 9-6, Sun 10-4. Café including all-day breakfasts, baguettes, jacket potatoes, cakes. Established more then 20 years. Seating inside and out. Tel 602526.

SI SIGNORE, 12 Sydney St. Open  Mon-Sat 8-10pm, Sun 8-5. Licensed Italian restaurant, breakfasts, lunch, dinner, snacks. Seating inside and out. Tel 671266.

THE GUARANA BAR, 36 Sydney St. Small bar and upstairs lounge for smoothies, shakes, coffees, teas within health food store. Seating inside and out. Tel 621406,

WE LOVE FALAFEL, 37 Sydney St. Open Mon-Sat 10.30-5.30. NEW, serving salads and toasted wraps, smoothies and milkshakes. Vegetarian. Seating inside and out. Tel 604206.

SOLERA D TAPAS, 42 Sydney St. Open Mon-Sat 12-11, Sun 12-10. Licensed Spanish tapas restaurant. Seating inside and out. Tel 673966,

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ROCK OLA, 29 Tidy St. Open Mon-Fri 10.30-4.30, Sat 9.30-4.30. 1950s themed American diner with jukebox. Includes breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches, soup, cakes, coffee. Seating inside and out. Tel 673744, 

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TRAWLERMAN FISH AND CHIPS, 106 Gloucester Rd. Open Mon-Thur & Sat-Sun 11.30-10.30, Friday 11.30-11. Fish and chips in the square plus meat options. Tables outside. Tel 681601.

INSIDE OUT, 95 Gloucester Road (corner of Kensington Place). Open Mon-Sat 8-6, Sun 9-5. Café including breakfast, brunch, sandwiches, cakes, coffee and tea. Seating inside and out. Tel 692912.

LA CHOZA, 36 Gloucester Road. Open Mon-Tues 11.30-4pm, Wed-Sat 11.30-9.30, Sun 11.30-4. NEW licensed Mexican street food restaurant including tacos, burritos, quesadillas and tostadas. Tel 945926,

SING-TONG THAI CUISINE AT THE POND, 49 Gloucester Road. Open Mon-Sat 5-10.30. Thai restaurant upstairs at The Pond Pub.  Tel 621400.

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WAI KIKA MOO KAU, 11a Kensington Gdns. Open Mon-Thur 9-6, Fri-Sat 9-8, Sun 9.30-6. Vegetarian and vegan restaurant with large seating area. Includes breakfasts, lunches, wraps, soups, milkshakes. Seating inside and out. Tel 671117.

MO:MO DUMPLING BAR, 15A Kensington Gdns. Open Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5. Pan Asian restaurant described as the UK’s first dumpling bar, served with noodles or salads. Tel 698129,

BUBBLE KITSCHEN, 16 Kensington Gdns. Open Sun-Wed 8-6, Thur-Sat 8-7, Includes all day breakfast with bubble and squeak, pancakes, snacks, cakes. Seating inside and out.

IYDEA VEGETARIAN KITCHEN: 17 Kensington Gdns. Open Mon-Sat 9.30-5.30, Sun 10-5.30.   Licensed vegetarian café, includes breakfasts, lunches, salads, specials. Best café in Brighton & Hove Foodie Awards 2012. Seating inside and out. Tel 667992,

KRUA ANNE THAI CUISINE, 19 Kensington Gdns. Open Mon-Thur 12-4 and 5-10, Fri-Sat 12-10.30, Sun 12-10. Thai restaurant including curries, noodles and fried rice dishes, special lunch menu, small corkage fee if you bring your own alcohol. Seating inside and out. Tel 628555,

KENSINGTON CAFÉ, 1a Kensington Gdns. Open Daily 9.30-5.30. Café including breakfasts, brunch, Mexican menu, sandwiches, coffee and tea. Popular balcony tables overlook busy street below. Tel 570963.

NEST, 35 Kensington Gdns. Open daily 9.30-5 NEW café includes breakfasts, sandwiches, paninis, cakes, coffee. Two levels. Tel 690643 .

CAFÉ DELICE, 40 Kensington Gdns. Open Sun-Thur 8.30-6, Fri-Sat 8.30-11. Licensed French-style café on two levels including breakfasts, lunches, sandwiches, salads, cakes, coffee. Bistro menu Friday and Saturday evenings. Seating inside and out. Tel 622519,

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FARM, 99 North Road (corner of Vine St). Open Mon-Fri 8.30-5, Sat 9-5, Sunday from 10am. Café using produce mainly from their own Sussex farms. Includes breakfasts, burgers, eggs, smoked salmon. Opened 2009. Tel 623143, See also linked Brighton Farm Market Kitchen below.

BILL’S, The Depot, 100 North Rd. Open Mon-Sat 8-11, Sun 9-10.30 Licensed large café restaurant including breakfasts, lunches, dinners. Tel, 692894,

BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, 22 North Rd. Open Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 11-5. Breakfasts, lunches including fish and chips, sandwiches. Two levels. Tel 674209.

BRIGHTON FARM MARKET KITCHEN, Diplocks Yard, 73 North Rd. Open Saturdays 9.30-3.30. Includes hog roast, seasonal snacks, coffee. At back of farm market which is open Sat 9.30-4.30 and Wed 9-2 and started in Aug 2010. Tel 623143,

FAB FOOD AND BARISTA, 64-65 North Rd (corner of Foundry St). Open Mon-Sat 8-4.30, Sun 11-3.30. Coffees, light bites including croissants, baguettes, paninis, cakes. Tel 322322.

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TEN GREEN BOTTLES, 9 Jubilee St. Open Mon-Sat 11-10, Sun 12-9. Combination of wine bar and wine shop including seasonal menu including crostini, cheese and charcuterie as you sample wines. Tel 567176,

THE CHILLI PICKLE, 17 Jubilee St. Open Mon-Sat lunch 12-3, dinner 6-10.30, Sun 12-3, 6-10. Light lunches such as thalis (small tasters), dinners include tandoori kebabs, local seafood. Third place in Brighton & Hove Foodie best restaurant awards 2012. Tel 900383,

SMALL BATCH COFFEE COMPANY at myhotel, 17 Jubilee St. Mon-Sat 7-7, Sun 8-6. Snacks and cakes with coffee.

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TEMPTATION, 56 Gardner St. Open Mon-Sat 9-6, Sun 10-6. Licensed café including breakfasts, lunches, sandwiches, salads, coffee and home-made cakes. Seating inside and out. Tel 673045,

THE MANOR, 52 Gardner St. Open Mon-Fri 10-4, Sat 9-6, Sun 9.30-4.30. Licensed café including breakfasts, lunches, soups, sandwiches, snacks, coffee. Two levels. Seating in and out. Tel 691700, the manorbrighton

INFINITY FOODS CAFÉ, 50 Gardner Street. Open Mon-Fri 10.30-5, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4. Café serving organic, vegetarian food, including full veggie breakfast, mezze platter, salads, coffee, juices. Two levels. Seating in and out. Tel 670743,

UTOPIA CAFÉ, 49 Gardner St. Open daily 9-5. Café including cakes and smoothies as well as wraps, jackets, soups. Seating in and out.

THE LANES, 48 Gardner St. Open daily 9-5. Licensed café including breakfasts, buffet pizza, pasta, chicken wings and salad. Two levels. Seating in and out. Tel 625544.

DUKE’S CAFÉ @ KOMEDIA, 44 Gardner St. Open daily 12-9. NEW licensed café serving light meals, snacks, salads, hot dogs.

LICK, 19 Gardner St. Two young entrepreneurs opened the UK’s first frozen yoghurt and ice cream store here in 2008. Also serves shakes. Now being refurbished. lick

OUR CORNISH PASTY AND COFFEE SHOP, 24 Gardner St. Open Mon-Sat 9.30-6.30, Sun 11-5. Cornish pasties and coffee. Vegan options. Small amount of inside and out seating. Tel 688063,

THE GARDNER CAFÉ BAR, 27 Gardner St. Open Mon-Fri 8.30-5.30, Sat 9-5.30, Sun 10-4.30. NEW licensed café including breakfasts, lunches, baguettes, cakes, coffee. Tel 675550.

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LA BODEGA, 111 Church St (opposite Corn Exchange). Licensed small Spanish tapas restaurant. Seating inside and out. Tel 674116.

POMPOKO, 110 Church St. Open daily 11.30-11. Busy Japanese restaurant/cafe. Steers away from sushi, offering dishes to suit both western and eastern tastes, including Japanese curries. Two levels. Seating inside and out. Tel 07796 001927,

THE GALLEY, 9 Church St (corner of Jew St). Open Mon-Fri 7-3. Café including wraps, sandwiches, crepes, smoothies, coffee. Small seating area outside. Tel 724499.

POP PIE, 25 Church St (corner of Portland St). Open Mon-Fri 7-7, Sat 9-7, Sun 10-6. NEW Greek pie cafe serving pies, pastries, savouries, tea and coffee. Seating inside and out. Tel 206294,

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CATWALK CAKES, 22 Bond St. Open daily 10-5.30. NEW café and shop serving couture cakes. Afternoon teas from 12, including cakes, teacakes and sandwiches. Tel 818822,

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CAFFE ITALIANO, 24 New Road (corner of Church St). Coffee house with home-made Italian snacks. Seating inside and out. Two levels.

PINOCCHIO, 22 New Road. Open daily 11.30-11.30. Long-established licensed Italian restaurant including pizza, pasta dishes, salads. Two levels. Seating inside and out. Tel 677676,

THE COURTYARD, 20 New Road. Open daily 9.30am-late. Licensed modern British restaurant includes breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas, pre-theatre set menu, evening meals. Seating inside and out. Tel 819600,

CREAM TEA, 13 New Road. Tea, coffee, cakes and scones, snacks and soup. Seating inside and out. Tel 325112

EL MEXICANO, 7 New Road. Open Mon-Thur 12-2.30, 6-10.30, Fri-Sat 12-11, Sun 12-10.30. Licensed restaurant serving Mexican food and Spanish tapas, including set lunches and suppers. Seating inside and out. Tel 727766,

OKI-NAMI, 6 New Road. Open Mon-Thur 12-3 and 6-10, Fri 12-3 and 6-10.30, Sat 12-11, Sun 12.30-3.30 and 6-10. Established 1999. Japanese food including sushi, sashimi, noodles and soups. Tel 773777,

ZAFFERELLI, 31-32 New Road. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Licensed Italian restaurant includes pasta, pizza, risotto. Seating indoor and out. Tel 206662,

PAVILION GARDENS CAFÉ, Pavilion Gardens. Open air café returns in spring, Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 9.30-5. Famed for tea and rock cakes, also includes sandwiches, baguettes, coffee, soft drinks. Established 1941. Tel 730712,























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