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What makes you want to step onto a soapbox?

By Maureen Brand, North Laine resident

Are there any issues or subjects concerning North Laine or Brighton & Hove generally that tempt you to step onto the soapbox? Keep an eye on this webpage for the latest point of view.

Here are a couple of issues to start things off.  Use the comments facility below to add your issues, but please keep your contributions within the law and, preferably, funny!

Getting the name wrong - a 'conversation' about North 'Laines'

The sign in the photograph was once displayed at the Gloucester Road end of Frederick Street.  Apart from referring to 'North Laines' rather than 'North Laine', a common mistake, can you spot what else is wrong with it?

Brighton dictionary of definitions

Following the result of the recent 'consultation' on the closure of local post offices, should we now compile a new Brighton dictionary of definitions, such as:

  • 'consultation process' - public discussion of that suspected to be already decided
  • 'affordable housing' - not loft apartments
  • 'bandstand' - promises, promises
  • 'development' - something you probably don't want to see
  • 'developer' - someone you probably don't want to meet

Any additions to the dictionary?

This page was added on 10/11/2008.

I'd like to see some news and discussion about the North Laine refuse collection. I understood that a decision on the end-of-road communal bins was due in June/July but have seen nothing and the issue of split bags and rubbish strewn across the roads persists.

By Simon
On 01/08/2008

Simon:  All does seem rather quiet on the street bins possibility/proposal and we will check. For the moment, if residents use their binvelopes then there is no need for split bags and rubbish strewn over the streets. If residents don't have one, or their old one is too scruffy, Cityclean will supply a new one. They have just supplied a new one to me.

By Maureen Brand
On 01/08/2008

A lot of people seem to treat St George's Mews as a public loo. Do other streets have a similar problem and does anyone have any good ideas for stopping this? I have tried asking the culprits to stop!

By Alice
On 07/11/2008

At the October NLCA meeting, Gillian Marston, Assistant Director Cityclean and Cityparks, outlined the changes to come in refuse collection in the city. Communal bins will be introduced into the North Laine from June 2009. Hopefully this will mean an end to rubbish strewn all over the street and binvelopes left out to collect rubbish.

By Peter Crowhurst, NLCA Chair
On 19/11/2008

Bandstand - We owe it to our ancestors who left us this and other wonderful pieces of architecture to restore and maintain them.

By Sharon Carter
On 21/02/2009

Have any North Laine residents had any issues with the bungaroosh wall material? I've read a little bit on the net, but would really like some first hand experiences.

By Pat Comer
On 13/07/2009

One of the wry comments I made on this page, after years of waiting for something to happen, was "promises, promises" in connection with the renovation of the bandstand but now at last and so beautifully the bandstand has re-emerged in all its former glory. A bridge is now in place to allow access. Below is part garden and a cafe, and two horsehoe shaped areas, surrounded by low walls offer places to sit to listen to the bands. Congratulations to all concerned.

By Maureen Brand
On 29/07/2009

What chance have we got with the North Laine/The Lanes issue when The Brighton Dome send their mail out with a return address as:- 29 New Road The Lanes Brighton and Hove. Brilliant !

By Denise Taylor
On 30/01/2012

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