Are drinkers making North Laine too noisy?

Photo:Seating for smokers?

Seating for smokers?

Photo by Jackie Fuller

Impact of no smoking legislation on local residents

By Peter Crowhurst, North Laine resident

Increasing levels of noise

We all live in a vibrant area full of pubs and restaurants and for the most part enjoy being in such a lively area. We know that living in the centre of town has its downside and for many residents that is the increasing levels of noise and disturbance we are experiencing as the result of the introduction of extended licensing hours and the introduction of no smoking to public places.

Impact of no smoking legislation

Since the no smoking ban we have seen a number of pubs seeking to amend their licence in order to try and accommodate smokers by getting permission for extra seating outside and sometimes lighting as well.  Pubs are also asking permission for outside heating. What this means for residents is that there are more drinkers outside and to a later hour than was previously the case. This can cause more noise for residents and result in areas around pubs being blocked off to pedestrians walking along the pavement.

Walking home through the North Laine

With closing times often around midnight, drinkers are leaving pubs and  walking home through the North Laine between midnight and 1am. Given that many of us have front bedrooms with little space between our bedrooms and the pavement we get to hear quite a lot.

Whilst the NLCA will do its best to let residents know of any licence application affecting them, and will also provide support and advice if necessary, what is the answer to this 'drink problem'? Local residents enjoy the facilities provided by our local pubs and restaurants as much as the visitors to the North Laine do but where is the line to be drawn?

This page was added on 08/07/2008.

On a hot Sunday afternoon, I cannot sit in my front room in Cheltenham Place and read the Sunday paper for the noise coming from the local pubs nearby.

By Ian Alder
On 16/07/2008

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