Red's wife swap challenge

Photo:Party time at 'Red Mutha'

Party time at 'Red Mutha'

Shown on Channel 4, 21 September 2008

By Red Curtis, North Laine trader

Red Mutha at 92 Trafalgar Street recently participated in the wife swap challenge for Channel 4, aired on 21st September 2008. I became the Brighton mum of two who swapped with Nadine Pinchin, a bored housewife and mum of three from the Cotswolds.

Bored and lonely

I found myself bored and lonely living the life of Nadine but Nadine couldn't have enjoyed her North Laine experience more! While I was mucking out 56 animals and dealing with children who fought like Tom and Jerry, Nadine was hosting fashion shoots, creating unique Red Mutha garments and having nights out.

The one where they all got along

Surprisingly all the families had few disputes, much to the regret of the wife swap producers, who had definitely expected more sparks to fly. We have been named 'the one where they all get along'. Not a bad thing, is it?

It saved our marriage

Nadine and Darren said afterwards that the show saved their failing twenty year marriage. Dan and I realise that our life in North Laine is pretty special. Great to hear someone say they felt totally alive and revived having walked in your shoes for a week!

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 194, Sept/Oct 2008]

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It was certainly an interesting episode because Red had no rules in her house while Nadine had routine but actually Nadine's children were like the devil's spawn and I would say that there was no structure or routine in either house. Children do need to show respect and should never be allowed to rule their parents the way all the children did in both houses. I would be embarrassed to be a parent to any of them.

By Julia
On 08/02/2009

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