Reusable bags started in North Laine

Photo:North Laine carrier bag

North Laine carrier bag

Photo by Henry Bruce

Designed by a local trader

By Jackie Fuller, North Laine resident

Some people are under the impression that the reusable bag idea was started or assisted by Brighton & Hove City Council - not so. It was our own North Laine Traders Association (NLTA) which initiated the idea in early 2007. The reusable North Laine shopping bag was designed by one of our own traders and arrangements for its production and delivery were administered entirely by the NLTA.

Publicity was given in The Argus and various promotional events were organised by the NLTA itself. The Council was not involved throughout the process.

Since then others, including the Council, have climbed onto the bandwagon but credit for starting the idea must rest with the North Laine traders.

Letter in The Argus

Eddie Start, who runs 'Open Spaces' in Trafalgar Street, recently had a letter published in The Argus aimed at putting the record straight. In this he also pointed out that CityClean still requires residents to put their household rubbish in plastic bags, street cleaners still put their sweepings into plastic bags and most commercial waste collectors still use plastic bags for their business collections.  Isn't it about time that our Council took a lead on reducing the amount of environmentally unfriendly waste?

[Previously published in the 'North Laine Runner', No 195, November-December 2008]

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