The Runner team in 1979

Photo:The NLCA newsletter team in 1979

The NLCA newsletter team in 1979

Programme called 'All change for Brighton'

By Jackie Fuller, North Laine resident

In 1979 the North Laine Runner was featured on BBC1's regular programme slot 'Report South'. The Runner team was filmed putting the newsletter together in one of the programmes in that series called 'All change for Brighton'. It was coordinated by Jack Tinker, who at that time lived in Queen's Gardens (sadly deceased 1996).

Put together manually

In those days the Runner (the North Laine Community Association's bi-monthly newsletter) was put together entirely manually - there were no computers then! All the articles had to be typed up in columns from handwritten manuscripts. They were then cut up and pasted onto large A3 sheets and the headlines were laboriously produced letter by letter using old-fashioned Letraset. It used to take a team of 6 or 7 people a whole weekend to put together an issue of the Runner of only 12 pages, sitting round someone's dining room table - but it was a lot of fun, with frequent breaks for tea and chat.

In the photo

Left to right in the photo are: Elaine MacDonald, Julia Scoging, Jackie Fuller, Tim Curran, Bunni Holmes, Alan Boyle and John Heath.

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What a lovely nostalgic article!

By Sharon Carter, North Laine resident
On 10/06/2010

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