Meeting, talking and informal support

Photo:Babies turn into toddlers

Babies turn into toddlers

AGM report on Parents Network, 2009/10

By Sara Bragg, NLCA Parents Network contact

Over the last year in North Laine, babies have been born, babies have turned into toddlers, toddlers into children that have started primary school, children have moved from primary to secondary school … And, all the while, I am sure that parents have been meeting, talking, have swapped information, offered each other informal support, developed babysitting circles and all the rest, at a local level.

A rather grand title

The Parents’ Network is the rather grand title given to one such group of North Laine parents who have been in touch with each other, mainly through face to face encounters in the street, but also by email and through occasional meetings or events that individuals have taken the time and put energy into making happen.

Parents have organised events

This year I’m afraid I myself have rather failed to organise more ‘official’ get-togethers  – although I was delighted to be able to pass on my washable nappy supplies and tips to some brave and eco-minded parents-to-be, following a piece in the North Laine Runner. But in my street alone, one parent initiated a children’s Hallowe’en party and ‘trick or treat’ house-to-house and others put a lot of energy into the Tidy Street Tea Party, as indeed other parents were actively involved in other North Laine street parties. 

How to pass on information

So please let others know, either through the Runner or by contacting me, if you have ideas or know about fun/interesting/useful activities, want to pass on other information for local parents, or would like to get in touch with others in a similar situation to yourself. Contact the editor to place information in the North Laine Runner, or me if you want to get in direct email contact with those on my list. Click here to go to a page which will give you the relevant email addresses.


[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 203, March/Aril 2010]

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