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Street noise

By Anne Powell, North Laine resident

Since the introduction of 24 hour drinking, I have become obsessed by thoughtless rowdy people who do not seem to agree with me that night is the time for sleeping.  With two licensed premises at each end of Cheltenham Place, a lot of cheerful (yes, a euphemism) folk walk around talking and laughing loudly at all hours of the night, never thinking that they are a few feet away from the ends of the beds of residents trying to get some sleep.  (A bouncing football is enough to drive me mad at four in the morning.)

Frequent complaints to the Council and the filling in of noise diaries had no effect.

Highlighted in the North Laine Runner

Then the Runner carried a piece (in the January 2010 issue, I think) saying that unless we told the police there was a problem they would assume all was well, and the non-emergency number, 0845 60 70 999, was printed.

The following weekend I rang that number at about 4.30am on the Saturday, and again around 5am on the Sunday, to say there had been so much noise on and off all night that I had had no sleep at all.  I said I did not see that anything could be done unless the Act was repealed, but I thought the disturbance should be recorded.

Police Community Support Officer

PCSO John Sharman came to see me. He said he would have a word with the pubs, and hoped things would improve.  For a whole month the nights were blessedly quiet.

Four weeks on, it all started up again.  I rang again: PCSO Sharman contacted me again, saying that he would do the rounds, but it would be all too likely to kick off again and I should phone if necessary. It is interesting to see from my records that four weeks is regularly the interval before I need to contact the police.

But I am happy to keep calling - I am just so impressed with what PCSO Sharman has achieved.  I should like his superiors to know what remarkable success he has had in dealing with a problem which has been causing me a lot of distress and which I thought was insoluble. He is to be mightily commended.

I should still like to see the Act repealed.

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