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Photo:When will the quality of life of residents take precedence over late licences?

When will the quality of life of residents take precedence over late licences?

Photo by Peter Crowhurst

When will our councillors act on late night noise?

By Peter Crowhurst

Another large drinking establishment on the edge of the North Laine

What a farce the licensing process is and what a failure the Licensing Act 2003 Act has been. With the recent granting of a licence to Weatherspoons, the Tesco of drinking establishments who want to create a large 300 capacity pub on the corner of Bond Street and  North Street, the residents of North Laine can be guaranteed even more noise, anti-social behaviour and vandalism to their cars, especially at week-ends.

Why has a licence been granted?

Representatives of Weatherspoons at the Licensing Panel this week claimed they will do little business after 10pm, so why is it that they have been granted a licence to 1.30am on a Friday and Saturday? They say the noise of 300+ drinkers will not disturb residents who live above and adjacent to the proposed super pub, although no evidence was presented to support this assertion. The Licensing Panel was only too happy to accept on trust that Weatherspoons customers will not disturb local residents, yet will not accept from residents that yet another large drinking establishment will cause distress to those that live nearby and in the adjacent area.  No provision has as yet been made for deliveries or indeed for smokers, who in all likelihood will smoke below the windows of neighbouring properties.

The premises lie within a Cumulative Impact Area, where there is a presumption not to grant new licences unless the applicant can show that their application will have no negative cumulative impact. Weatherspoons failed to do so.

No-one from the Council will take any responsibility for the results of their actions

It seems no-one wants to take responsibility for residents in the City Centre  having their sleep disturbed virtually every weekend. The Councillors who sit on the Licensing Panel are our elected representatives, so why do they not do more to protect those residents who are constantly suffering from late night noise?

This page was added on 14/07/2010.

I do not like walking along New Road even in the day time.  There are tables and chairs all outside on the pavements... and the noise is awful.  I avoid the area now.  Even Jubilee Square is bad with the noise.  When I was in the library the other day the noise there was bad.  It is like a children's playground.

By Julie
On 18/07/2010

Our councillors are answerable to those who elect them, so perhaps we might get an answer from the Licensing Commitee to the following: To whose benefit was it to extend the drinking hours under the Act? Not to the residents whose complaints are brushed aside. Not to the pubs apparently - many of which have been closing down.

We wonder: did anyone gain, and why continue granting new and extended licences? Why is the cumulative impact on an area such as the North Laine not given consideration?

By Maureen
On 28/07/2010

I totally agree with all comments on this page. I work in the North Laine and frequently walk through Jubilee Square and New Road. The noise from drinkers and buskers is horrendous. I sympathise with the North Laine residents. I live on East Street and we suffer terribly from noise at all hours, from revellers leaving pubs and clubs near by. The Licensing Committee doesn't care about local residents - all they care about is the revenue these establishments pay for the licences.

By Debbie Leigh
On 10/09/2010

Vicki Harris, Police Licensing Inspector, will be speaking at the October 2010 community meeting on late night noise.  If you have concerns or experiences please come along.

By Peter Crowhurst, Vice Chair, NLCA
On 15/09/2010

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