Minutes of AGM, 19th April 2010

Photo:The NLCA houses logo

The NLCA houses logo

With guest speaker Geoffrey Mead

Held at Brighthelm Community Centre, North Road

1.    Attendance

The meeting was attended by 41 people (mostly members)

2.    Apologies

Mike Benbow, Billy Pollard, Lynne Arnold

3.    Minutes of the 2009 AGM

Received and accepted

4.    Adoption of Officers’ Reports

a)    Chair & Secretaries - Peter Crowhurst, Lynne Arnold and Helen Cornish: proposed by Barry Leigh and seconded by Ruth Goodall.

b)    Treasurer - Clifford Jaques: amended to say that the meetings grant was for one year only. Proposed by Kevin Daly and seconded by Jackie Fuller.

Both reports were adopted nem con.

5.    Adoption of Co-ordinators’ Reports

Planning & Environment, Licensing, Newsletter, Website, Theatre Group, Parents Network - all reports were considered together. Proposed by Bobbie Cheesman, seconded by Glynis Simpson and adopted nem con.

6.    Adoption of Reports from NLCA representatives on other groups:

Brighton Society, Living Streets, City in Bloom, Commemorative Plaques, Community & Voluntary Sector Forum -  all reports were considered together. Proposed by Jackie Fuller, seconded by Bobbie Cheesman and adopted nem con.

7.    Revisions to NLCA Constitution

a)    In Clause 2(a) add Windsor Street and Jew Street to the definition of the area covered by NLCA.

b)    In Clause 7(a) create new position of Vice-Chair.

c)    In Clause 7(a) delete sentence “The Officer shall not then be eligible for re-election to any office until a further 12 months have elapsed”.

Revisions adopted nem con.

8.    Election of Officers

a)    There were no nominations for the post of Chair.

b)    Vice-Chair : Peter Crowhurst proposed by Barry Leigh and seconded by Ruth Goodall. Elected unanimously.

c)    Secretary : Lynne Arnold agreed to stand again, as there was no longer any need for hand delivery of minutes and agendas. Proposed by Sandy Crowhurst and seconded by Sarah Dunsmure. Elected unanimously.

d)    Treasurer : Clifford Jaques proposed by Ruth Goodall and seconded by Bobbie Cheesman. Elected unanimously.

9.    Ratification of Co-ordinators, NLCA Representatives on other Groups and Street representatives

All as on the inside back page of North Laine Runner, No 203, March/April 2010 - proposed by Kevin Daly and seconded by Sandy Crowhurst. Elected unanimously.

10. Any other business


11. Speaker

The second part of the meeting consisted of a well appreciated presentation by Rose Collis based on her  book (with Tim Carder) “The New Encyclopaedia of Brighton”.

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