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Photo:A meeting of the North Laine Community Association, December 2011

A meeting of the North Laine Community Association, December 2011

Photo by Henry Bruce

Final version adopted 18th February 2011

The following is added as an appendage to Section 2 of the Constitution which relates to the Objects of the Association.

2. Objects

To promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the area of benefit as outlined in object (a) of the Constitution, the Association shall:

i)          Encourage civic pride and a sense of community within the area of benefit.

ii)         Work to improve the environment with particular regard to traffic, streetscape, parking, signage and street cleaning.

iii)        Raise understanding of what it means to live in a Conservation Area and seek to maintain the principles of the Conservation Area.

iv)        Work for the preservation, protection and improvement of features of historic or public interest in the area of benefit.

v)         Raise levels of knowledge of the history, geography and architecture of the area of benefit.

vi)        Work with relevant bodies to maintain the mixed use nature of the area of benefit.

vii)       Operate as a Local Action Team (LAT).

In pursuance of the above, the Association shall have the following powers:

1)         To submit to the relevant Council committees and to the Conservation Advisory Group comments on planning applications which could affect the character of the area of benefit and/or buildings within it. Such comments should be discussed at the Community Meetings if there is no clear precedent to guide the Planning Coordinator(s) of the Association. The comments of the Planning Coordinator(s) should be made available to an officer of the association prior to being sent to the relevant Council committee. The officer may ask the Community Meeting to decide on a planning application or veto the response to any application that has not been discussed at a Community Meeting if (s)he deems it appropriate to do so. Any resident has the right to ask for a discussion and vote on a particular application by asking the officer that it be put on the agenda of the next Community Meeting. All planning applications should be put onto the Association’s website (

Comments and advice given to local inhabitants and to relevant Council committees should be in line with the relevant Brighton & Hove City Council documents governing what is permissible within listed buildings and in Conservation Areas.

2)         To set LAT priorities and to work with the police and other appropriate agencies to achieve the priorities.

3)         To act as a continuing source of advice, both to residents and the Council, on matters which could affect the character of buildings or the appearance of the area of benefit.

4a)       To submit to the relevant Council committee comments on licensing applications, where such applications are likely to affect the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area of benefit and in the view of the Licensing Coordinator(s) of the Association appropriate representations can be effectively made. All licensing applications should be put onto the Association’s website (see above).

4b)       To work with the relevant planning authorities on how the planning rules and guidance are to be implemented.

5)         To support and represent local inhabitants at Council committee panel hearings and other relevant committees/groups.

6)         To promote activities which foster community spirit, eg street parties, other social events, community newsletter.

7)         To have speakers at Community Meetings on subjects of common interest so long as they do not conflict with the objects of the Association.

8)         To work with local authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and persons having the same aims as the Association.

9)         To publish papers, reports and leaflets.

10)       To take part in the formulation of policies affecting the area of benefit.

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