The naming of streets

Photo:The alley with no name between Bond Street and Jew Street

The alley with no name between Bond Street and Jew Street

The wrong name on one and no name on another!

By Jackie Fuller, North Laine resident

The application on behalf of the Brighton Society to have the word 'Lane' correctly spelt on the street sign that currently says 'Bond Street Laine' has received wide coverage in Brighton's local newspaper The Argus.

Robert Nemeth

A letter from Robert Nemeth of Hove headlined ‘There are lanes, and then there’s North Laine’, way back on 5th September 2011, correctly explained the difference between The Lanes and the North Laine areas, as well as the origin of the word 'Laine', and clarified that “there is no North Lanes or South Lanes and there is certainly no Bond Street Laine”.

Becky Barnes

On 24th February 2012, under the headline ‘Laine or lane? Brighton street name controversy’, Becky Barnes informed readers that the Brighton Society’s e-petition on the Council’s website had received the required 50 signatures, following which the application to change, or rather correct, the name was being put out to public consultation in the usual way.

Roy Pennington

Then on 1st March, writing as a community correspondent, Roy Pennington produced a well-researched article drawing on the NLCA website pages as well as other sources, under the headline ‘On the naming of streets’.

Roy Pennington was back again on 9 March with another piece ‘Name that alley!’. He not only drew attention to the Bond Street Laine/Lane controversy but also suggested that the little alley between Nos 14 and 15 Bond Street, linking Bond Street to Jew Street (see photo), should be given a name, as so far it doesn’t have one. "What about Jew Street Lane?"  he suggested.

Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith, a North Laine resident, joined in the discussion on the same day with an illustrated letter in the printed newspaper headlined by The Argus ‘Change its name ‘cos it’s a lane’. While supporting the change of name, he was also concerned about the straw poll set up by The Argus whereby people could ‘vote’ on whether the name should be changed or not.  “Quite simply”, he said, “the spelling is wrong and must therefore be corrected.”

What will happen now?

At the time of mounting this page, the Council has not yet made a decision on whether to change the name or not. When we know the outcome, we will add a comment about it.

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 215, March/April 2012]

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