Minutes of AGM, 18th April 2011

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The NLCA houses logo

With guest speaker Geoffrey Mead

By Lynne Arnold, NLCA Secretary 2010/11

1.  Attendance

The meeting was attended by approximately 50 people (mostly members).

2.  Apologies:

Louis Blanche, Helen Cornish, Peter Crowhurst, Sandy Crowhurst, Cllr Ian Davey, Heather Hacker, Anne Johnson, John Sharman, and Cllr Peter West.

3.  Minutes of the 2010 AGM:

Minutes were received and were accepted

4.  Adoption of Officers’ Reports:

a) Vice Chair & Secretary: Peter Crowhurst & Lynne Arnold - proposed by Roy Skam and seconded by Bruce Smith

b) Treasurer: Clifford Jacques —proposed by Ruth Goodall and seconded by Kevin Daly

Both reports were adopted nem con.

5.  Adoption of Coordinators’ reports:

a)         Planning and Environment

b)         Licensing

c)         Newsletter

d)         Website

e)         Theatre Group

All reports were considered together and all were adopted nem con. Adoption proposed by Tim Curran and seconded by Lynne Arnold.

6.  Adoption of reports from NLCA Representatives on other Groups:

a)        Brighton Society

b)        Living Streets

c)        City in Bloom

All reports were considered together and all were adopted nem con. Adoption proposed by Kevin Daly and seconded by Jackie Fuller.

7.  Election of Officers:

a) Chair: Peter Crowhurst—proposed by Roy Skam and seconded by Barry Leigh.  Elected unanimously.

b) Vice Chair: no nominations so post remains vacant

c) Secretary: Lynne Arnold had resigned.  She was thanked for her work and input over the past 3 years.  Lyn Turpin was proposed by Jackie Fuller and seconded by Ruth Goodall.  Elected unanimously.

d) Treasurer: Clifford Jacques stood down after his 4 year term.  He was thanked for his work over that time.  Carlie Goldsmith was proposed by Clifford Jacques and seconded by Bruce Smith.  Elected unanimously.

8.  Ratification of Coordinators, NLCA Representative on other Groups, and Street Representatives for the coming year (as they appeared on the inside back cover of the March/April 2011 Runner)

Proposed by June Hayhurst, seconded by Susie Lloyd, and ratified unanimously.

9.  Any other business:

The circulated standing orders did not seem to have been updated with the decisions made at the 2010 AGM.  This needed amending as soon as possible.

10. Speaker:

The meeting was then addressed by Geoffrey Mead on ‘Brighton Rock and Brighton Crime’.


 [Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 215, March/April 2012]

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