Travis Perkins in Trafalgar Lane

Photo:The narrow Trafalgar Lane

The narrow Trafalgar Lane

Photo by Maureen Brand

Photo:Travis Perkins in Trafalgar Lane

Travis Perkins in Trafalgar Lane

Photo by Peter Crowhurst

Morning lorries

By Regina Webster, North Laine resident

This is a letter I recently wrote to Travis Perkins on Trafalgar Lane:

Dear Sirs

I have been forced to bring to your attention an ongoing problem with your morning delivery trucks at the Brighton North Laine branch of Travis Perkins.

Between 6am and 7am a truck thunders at some speed down the quiet residential road of Queen's Gardens and then has to spend up to 15 minutes and several attempts at trying to reverse into the tiny road of Trafalgar Lane to reach the store, all the while emitting a high pitched reverse signal and waking up residents in the surrounding residential areas of Queen's Gardens, Gloucester Road and Foundry Street, most of whom are still asleep at this time.  This includes attempting a dangerous manoeuvre of reversing blind into a two-way alley, requiring the driver to drive onto the opposing pavements on Gloucester Road, narrowly missing the house opposite, plus blocking the road for both cars and pedestrians in the process.

This potentially dangerous and invasive situation has been going on too long and a better solution needs to be found. 

I welcome your comments. 

Yours faithfully

Regina Webster
29 Queen's Gardens

This page was added on 04/10/2012.

I wanted to add the response from Travis Perkins as they have been surprisingly accommodating and for the moment things have improved as a result of contacting them. As you will read below, it seems they are not the only company responsible for truck noises in the morning but at least we have managed to make a small difference in this case.

Re: Question on Customer Comments

Hello Andy

Many thanks for your response. We appreciate your efforts to improve this situation and my partner has confirmed he has not been disturbed for the last week or two on a Wednesday morning.

Subject: Question on Customer Comments

Dear Regina Webster

Thank you for contacting us regarding your concerns about our weekly timber delivery from our Ferndown Timber Supply Branch. I am very surprised that you advise that the vehicle is in Queen;s Gardens as early as 6am since the drivers are aware that they cannot get unloaded until 7.30am when we open, especially as they have a 2 hour plus journey from Ferndown near Bournemouth. We can of course check this from tachograph records if necessary - this morning's vehicle arrived in Queen's Gardens at 7.02am.

I understand from your conversation with the driver that you thought this was a daily delivery. I wonder therefore if there are vehicles other than our own using Queen's Gardens earlier than 7am. The reason we have an early morning delivery is to minimise the inconvenience to pedestrians and other road users that you highlight.

I have however spoken to the Transport Manager at Ferndown and asked that he gives the following instructions to drivers: firstly, that they make as little noise as possible when travelling along Queen's Gardens; and secondly, that they park up in Gloucester Road until a banksman is available to see them into Trafalgar Lane, thereby enabling the manouvre to be carried out safely without use of the reversing beeper.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Nicholson, Manager, TP Brighton, Trafalgar Lane

By Regina Webster
On 20/11/2012

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